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Visits make it easy to give people access to one or more doors, for a limited time, even if they are not registered users in the system. The intended usage is to make it easy for e.g. visitors to an event to let themselves in.

A Visit is defined by its:

  • Validity
  • Schedule (optional)
  • Door(s)
  • Credential type (PIN, URL, or both)

Create visit

In the example above, we have created a Visit that allows people to enter through the front door, but only on Friday afternoons. Immediately after creating the new visit, its PIN and/or URL are displayed:

Visit URL

For PIN, the door needs to have a reader with a keypad. The URL can be sent to visitors in a regular email. When the visitors click the URL, they are taken to a web page that displays the 'Display as' field at the top and an "Open" button for each door they have access to.

Visit web page