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On the user detail page the administrator can view and edit all the information that pertains to the users of the system.

Create user

The fields for a user are:

  • Name. The only mandatory field
  • PIN. The user's personal PIN. The PIN default PIN length is 4 digits, but can be changed by the organization owner
  • Department. Optional and for information only
  • Employee ID. Optional and for information only
  • Devices. The devices (cards and phones) assigned to the user. Assigning a device to a user can be done either here or on the device page.
  • Shared with. A user can be shared with other organizations. See further Delegation.
  • Blocked. A blocked user will immediately lose all access rights, but can be unblocked at a later time

In the lower-right-hand corner of the page, there is a link that lets you check the access rights for the user.