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In order to use wireless locks from SimonsVoss SmartIntego or Assa Aperio it is necessary to first connect the doors to a hub, which is later connected to the relevant controller (using the controller settings). One SmartIntego hub can connect up to 16 doors and one Assa Aperio hub can connect up to 8 doors.

Create hub

When creating a new hub, first give the hub a name and select the type (Aperio or SmartIntego).For SmartIntego hubs, it is necessary to specify the IP address and device address of the hub (the latter is a SmartIntego internal address that can be found using the SmartIntego software tool).

Then add the door(s) to the hub. When adding a door, first select the door from the drop down menu, and then enter the hardware settings for the actual wireless lock (these will differ a bit depending on if it is Assa Aperio or SmartIntego).