We are looking for an experienced developer to join our team and take on a fair share of the responsibilities, including everything from innovation to production environment:

• Product architecture, design, and implementation
• Release management, testing, and quality assurance
• Hosting operations

Candidates should have experience within these areas, and be passionate about programming, new technology, and the prospect of joining a tech startup.

Below is a list of technologies that we currently use. The position requires a keen interest to learn these (or a convincing argument to change them) to the extent that they are unknown:

• Java
• Apache Wicket for web browser GUI
• Jersey / JAX-RS for APIs
• JavaScript and Cordova for phone apps
• Git for version control
• Jenkins and shell scripting for continuous integration and deployment
• Access control hardware from Axis Communications (don’t worry about not being up to speed here)

Areas of interest where skills may prove particularly useful include, but are not limited to:

• Software robustness
• Security
• Cryptography
• User interface design
• API design and lifecycle
• Android and iOS development
• IoT and embedded systems

For the right candidate, we can offer a decent salary and flexible working hours, but most important of all the chance to have a major impact on the product and to join our exciting journey!