Telcred is ideal for market verticals characterized by one or more of the following:

  • Geographically distributed facilities
  • Need to integrate access control with external systems
  • Need for mobile access and simple access for visitors
  • Need for delegated administration
  • Small or large installations, with few or many doors, but no technical staff on site

Examples of applications that meet the above criteria include:

Multi-tenant office buildings
With Telcred's feature for delegated administration, each tenant can manage its own users and access rights.

Delegation also enables the building owner to let tenants create access rights to entrance doors, garages and other shared spaces, without each tenant having to put their own readers on these doors.

Co-working spaces
Co-working spaces can benefit from delegated administration, but also from the ability to integrate the access control system with member databases and booking systems.

The option to use smartphones instead of traditional access credentials will be appreciated by tech-savvy end customers and event visitors.

Retail chains
Retail chains can provide store managers and/or franchisees with an "it just works"-solution along with centralized support. The delegation feature still allows individual stores to manage day-to-day access rights for their employees.

Infrastructure companies
Infrastructure companies have many geographically distributed facilities and will appreciate the ability to manage access rights from a central location.

With Telcred it is also easy to grant temporary access to contractors who need to visit sites to do repairs and maintenance. The API can be used to integrate access control with workforce management and technicians can receive access rights directly to their smartphone along with the work-order!

Health care centers
Health care centers typically have many facilities in different places with only a few doors on each site and no technical support staff on site. With Telcred, it is easy to provide a solution that can be supported from the main headquarters.

Sport clubs
Sport clubs will appreciate the ability to support individual facilities from a centralised location and also the option to integrate access control with member databases and booking systems.

And why not offer end customers to enter with their smartphone instead of having to manage the logistics of distributing cards?