A new approach to access control

Telcred develops software for a new type of physical access control system based on NFC. The most distinguishing feature is that door controllers can be completely offline, and still cope with frequently changing users and access rights.

The offline capability makes it possible to replace traditional keys with an access control system, where previously thought too expensive, or not even possible. Examples include remote sites for utility companies and telecom operators, home care, freight containers, and other places where connectivity, power or cost is an issue.

The solution works with both NFC phones and contactless smart cards, and Telcred's patented security model based on PKI / asymmetric cryptography guarantees bank-level security.

Latest news

New Head of Engineering, 2015-07-29
Sten-Erik Bergner has joined Telcred as Head of Engineering. Sten-Erik has a long and solid track record of managing software development at companies such as Rational, iD2, SmartTrust, and Salesforce. We welcome Sten-Erik to the team!

Telcred announces new funding, 2015-05-19
Telcred has raised 2.6 MSEK in seed funding from ALMI Invest and a group of private investors. The proceeds will be used to launch Telcred’s innovative access control solution commercially and support projects with pilot customers. The new investors include well known Stockholm based private investors Erik Byrenius, Niclas Lilja, and Simon Josefsson. More info here.

Partnership with Axis Communications, 2014-03-31
Telcred is now an application development partner to Axis Communications. Through the partnership, Telcred will make its access control solution available as add-on software for Axis' recently launched Axis A1001 Network Door Controller. The Telcred solution adds support for NFC and offline operation, and makes the Axis A1001 Network Door Controller an attractive solution for companies, including utilities, for which offline operation is desirable for cost or reliability reasons.

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